We help the courageous build outstanding companies.
„Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T. S. Elliot


Vision and values

Our vision is to create permanent values based on strong lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs we support, their business partners and our co-investors.

Being part of KKCG, a private multinational financial and investment group, we value professionalism, hard work and determination to take on new challenges and responsibilities.


We seek opportunities to invest and help the companies operationally all the way up to successful exits. If you need to bring your company next level up to kickstart growth and expand around the globe we are ready to support you.

Although we are happy to evaluate practically any compelling opportunity fitting our investment criteria we have a strong preference for projects involving information technologies with potential for rapid scale-up and geographical expansion across US, Europe and/or globally.


Our investments typically range between a one and five million of euros. However, we are ready to support successful projects by taking part in successive investment rounds well beyond this range.

... and so much more!

We add value beyond money by helping entrepreneurs to connect with business partners and potential customers world-wide, help them successfully navigate through strategic options and common pitfalls, build top-quality teams and/or complement skills where and when needed.

Are you ready for the challenge?

We are ready to support you in a number of ways by tapping into our in-house product development capabilities, potential synergies with KKCG company portfolio and network across range of industries or simply by sharing the everyday decision-making burden with you.

We have relentless drive for success, overcoming challenges and learning while, above all, preserving our integrity and sticking rigorously to ethical norms. Naturally, we value such qualities in entrepreneurs and teams we support as they take on the challenges of building their next enterprise.


Marek Jablonský

Marek Jablonsky

Marek is the Executive Director of Springtide Ventures s.r.o. "Entrepreneur by heart, engineer by formation and investor by interest”, Marek previously acted as CEO of Informační linky, director of strategy at Telefonica CR and management consultant with major consultancies in Cambridge and London, UK. 

Marek had previously co-founded an innovative web-based solution provider, holds an MSc degree in Radio electronics and an MBA degree from London Business School.

Marek Jablonský

Michal Tomanek

Michal acts as a Non-executive Director. He is responsible for technology investments at KKCG and is representing the company at the Fund. Besides being technology enthusiast, Michal has an extensive experience from M&A advisory and investment roles perfomed out of Prague and London.

Michal is an ACCA fellow and holds an MBA from London Business School and an MSc from Prague School of Economics.

Petr Přibyl

Petr Pribyl

Petr is responsible for overall project management and product development activities within Springtide Ventures s.r.o., co-managing in-house IT development and project management teams and contributes to evaluation of investment opportunities. He previously acted as Director of product development at Informační linky s.r.o., product director at Mladá fronta a.s. and a senior product manager at Seznam a.s.

Petr holds MSc degree in Software Engineering from Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University.

Petr Přibyl

Karel Tusek

Karel oversees all technical aspects of investments as well as internal projects at Springtide Ventures s.r.o.. He co-manages in-house IT development teams, contributes to evaluations of investment prospects and monitors related technological trends. He is founder of an Inter-/Intranet solutions development company and has a long track record of delivering IT solutions to leading on-line players in the CR.

Karel holds a BSc in Computer Systems from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University.

Marek Jablonský

Tomas Jirousek

Tomas is an associate responsible for wide-ranging research and analytical tasks while supporting other team members. He helps to identify and evaluate opportunities against the backdrop of relevant trends and markets and acts as the main analyst.

Tomas is currently completing his undergraduate studies at The Czech Technical University in Prague.



Cleerio (originally Geosense) aspire to become a B2B solution provider of choice in the area of map-based information systems. Its platform lends itself to numerous applications across a number of industries, relying on an expanding ecosystem of distribution and development partners primarily in the US and EU countries.

A ‘one-stop-shop’ for thousands of satisfied customers from among municipalities, facility managers, large landowners, farmers and mining companies.

Cleerio empowers its customers with advanced data management, analytical and visualization tools. Its cloud-based system hugely simplifies and shortens development time of specialized B2B solutions combining proprietary and public data sets.

To this end Cleerio benefit from and actively support open data society, while also significantly contributing to the development of geo-information open source software.

logo cleerio


Founded in 2009, NejRemeslnici.cz are the largest specialized online trade recommendation service in the Czech Republic. The service allows homeowners to find and choose among the best local tradesmen on basis of their quotes and genuine reviews by their customers.

Homeowners post job requests for free and receive 3 or more best value-for-money offers by proven tradesmen in return, benefit from acquiring customers while building their reputation and portfolio on-line.

NejRemeslnici.cz serve over 100,000 homeowners searching for quality local tradesmen and generate over 3,000 demands for participating tradesmen every month.

logo nejremeslnici


Geewa is one of the most significant game developers and publishers of casual competitive multiplayer games in CEE region. Its games, including the popular pool game Pool Live Tour, connect players around the globe and across multiple platforms. Geewa serves millions of players globally through its games and portals every month from their offices in Prague.

With support of Springtide Ventures, Geewa aspires to establish itself as a driving force in games production within the region and push boundaries of casual competitive multiplayer gaming across major mobile and browser platforms.

logo geewa


Cloud4com was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing customers with data center Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The company delivers best-in-class computing performance, disk room, network elements and security with guaranteed high levels of reliability and accessibility. Customers benefit from flexibility and investment efficiency thanks to advanced management tools and processes while relying on customizable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) meeting their specific needs.

Cloud4Com expanding portfolio of customers include large and medium enterprises as well as public and governmental institutions.

logo cloud4com


Bio-Nexus is developing an innovative and unique technology by combining the most modern developments, such as embedded reality, with intuitive solutions guiding field personnel through their tasks and workflows. The company currently focuses on three main industry verticals: large industrial sites (Care-Nexus), emergency medical services (Bio-Nexus Medical) and airliners (Aero-Nexus).


The core competence of Bio-Nexus is the development of its patent-protected Mobile Workflow Engine and the rapid deployment of its flagship mobile workflow-processing platform with service organizations. The platform facilitates field maintenance and critical real-time supervision where accurate execution depends on efficient workflow processing. It could also be described as an end-to-end digital communication platform between the points of event and the command and control center.

The platform helps manage processes characterized by urgency, high costs and risks, such as large industrial site technical checks, aircraft fleet maintenance and emergency medical services.
The company has also integrated its platform with heads-up displays, various headsets and cameras and coupled its platform with portable wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The system also makes use of speech recognition (hands-free capabilities) to facilitate adherence to protocol and rapid documentation in field environments.

logo bio-nexus


KKCG to invest EUR 40-60 mil into start-ups across Central Europe and Israel over the next 2-3 years

KKCG group is to invest 40 to 60 million EUR into technological startups through Springtide Ventures fund. Its CEO, Marek Jablonský, says the fund will invest into 15 to 20 copmanies in Central Europe and Israel region over the next 2-3 years. Springtide Ventures focuse on companies with global ambitions. Its goal is to help them penetrate advanced markets in Europe and USA. Jablonský said: „Our mission is to help courageous enterpreneurs build outstanding companies with individual investments typically ranging between one and five million euros.“ Springtide actively supports enterpreneurs in building their companies over the initial 1-2 years and helps them enter their target markets. The fund also helps attract reputable investors in USA and Europe to follow-up financing rounds while being ready to participate along them.

Springtide focuse on startups active in the areas of digital marketing, geoinformation systems, on-line games, big data and IT security. Their latest investment of several million euros was into Cleerio, a Czech company that creates map-based information systems. The fund previously also invested in an on-line game developer Geewa, virtual data center provider Cloud4com or an on-line portal for finding and engaging trustworthy craftsmen NejRemeslnici.cz. Springtide is currently searching for a strategic partner and/or investor for NejRemeslnici.cz. KKCG acquired majority in the portal three years ago, i.e. before Springtide Ventures fund was established. Springtide Ventures is part of KKCG Group, an international investment group with assets under management of over EUR 1.6 billion and more than 2,500 employees. KKCG holds shares in more than 25 Czech and foreign corporations, including MND Group, SAZKA or CK FISHER.


Springtide Ventures s.r.o.

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